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Our environmentally-friendly Camp Centre can accommodate 40 people. Our facilities are available for use for camp and course activities for youth groups, youth organisations, and associations.

The facilities are also home to a small, open youth space, where young people can spend their free time. Sipoonkorpi National Park, which is located close by, offers fantastic opportunities for hiking and outdoor activities.

The facilities also feature a lending centre for hiking equipment (coming soon).

We are part of Youth Department in Helsinki which produce a variety of cultural a recreational services for children and youth. We promote young people’s public participation and provide young people with support and advice.

You can have more information about us by contacting us via e-mail or calling.

Contact information:

Knutersintie 915
00890 Helsinki
Tel. +358 (0)9 310 797 84
Coordinates: 60.26 N, 25.20 E

Facebook: Östersundomin leirikeskus